The suggestive location of the Arsenal once again hosts the Venice Boat Show, which until 4 June will offer the public an event dedicated above all to boat owners sailing the Adriatic sea.

More than 220 exhibitors from all over Europe will display 300 boats in Venice, 240 of which will be in the water. The presence of the largest national and international groups is significant, especially in the motor sector, which will see important flagships on the pontoons, such as the Wallywhy150, Ocean King Ducale 120 and Azimut Verve 42. The sailing sector will have its own dedicated pontoon with the presence of three boats that can be considered masterpieces, the dreamed Swan 65, the thirty-metre Whimsea, built in 2009 by CNB, and the Moro di Venezia II, to which a photographic exhibition signed by Carlo Borlenghi in Tesa 105 is dedicated.

Conferences, lectures and presentations are scheduled during the five-day event, as well as workshops and educational activities for children and families and water trials.

More information and ticketing on the official Venice Boat Show website