Starting June 1, 2022, the first exam sessions adopting the new theory quizzes and charting exercises will begin.

The boating license exam in use so far had produced a steady decline in the issuance of new boating licenses, which literally halved from 1998 to 2019, confirming the need for reform.

Saverio Cecchi, president of Confindustria Nautica, said the new exam is an opportunity for new boaters to get closer to boating thanks to an approach that is closer to the real needs for knowledge of recreational boating. In fact, the new quizzes will allow for less notionalistic preparation and more focus on awareness and attention to safety at sea.
Here’s what changes.
– Questions on the practical use of modern anchors, their characteristics in relation to the seabed and anchoring maneuvers will replace questions on the individual parts that make up the traditional Admiralty anchor.
– New questions on mooring and unmooring operations and how to deal with waves while motoring in bad weather.
– A whole new section on “maneuvering,” navigating in crowded bays and entering and leaving ports, questions on non-mandatory but recommended safety equipment, and environmental protection and navigating in Marine Protected Areas.
– Eliminated nomenclature of individual components of wooden hulls, signals for “between ship” communication by flags, questions on metacenter, barycenter, displacement of “cargo,” and elements of naval physics and structure of merchant vessels.
– Questions on engine parts are limited to general operation and minor failures that realistically can provide for non-specialist intervention, as well as taking into account technological innovations such as IPS transmissions, Pods, etc., and new outboard engines.
– The “meteorology and tides” section focused on the elements actually usable by the yachtsman while sailing, excerpting those of atmospheric physics.
– In the “Sailing” section, quizzes pertaining to sailing dinghies and obsolete equipment have been deleted and questions on sails that have become commonly used on cruising boats and questions devoted to sailing in bad weather have been introduced.