Discovery, the TV that holds Olympic rights, has made an agreement with FIV, for the World Sailing Branch: as in other countries, also in Italy you can follow all the Olympic races through the tracking system of SAP Sailing.

An extraordinary opportunity to follow the races and cheer on our Olympic sailors. Watching the regattas with the tracking system guarantees real-time updating of the results (be careful: during a regatta placings can change very often) and the observation of many technical parameters. It can be used as an additional tool to the regattas watched on TV, or on its own.

Enter the link:

This opens a special page with buttons for all scheduled races for all classes. The yellow buttons are the races that have taken place (which you can watch again) or are in progress. The SAP Sailing system provides not only the position of the boats but also the updated ranking in real time, the wind strength, its fluctuations, the speed of the competing boats, the charts of each competitor, and more.