The President of Assonautica Italiana, Giovanni Acampora, has written to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and to the Ministers for Health, Speranza, for Infrastructure and Mobility, Giovannini, for Tourism and Regional Affairs, Garavaglia, and to the President of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Massimiliano Fedriga, asking them to consider the pleasure boating sector and nautical tourism among the many economic, tourist and sports activities for which clear indications, dates and certain rules are provided.

The note sent out emphasises that it is well known that all sports and leisure activities at sea are carried out in the open air and are by their very nature “isolating” and moving away from places of gathering.

It is not only a matter of finally giving certainties”, explained President Acampora, “to yachtsmen, racers, skippers, sport fishermen, divers, but above all of providing a certain framework for the recovery of an entire economic sector that is suffering, shipyards, garages, craftsmen, charter companies, shops, technicians, sailors, ports and marinas, with their precious and important induced activities and an economic multiplier that is notoriously higher than all other tourist and sports activities.”

Massimiliano Fedriga in turn sent a note to the Presidents of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, as well as to the Coordinator of the “Covid 19” Working Group, Veneto Regional Councillor Manuela Lanzarin, in which he called for “the pleasure boating sector and nautical tourism to be considered among economic, tourist and sports activities in both State and regional measures”.