Next year the sharing formula for boating will also arrive in Italy.

Next year the sharing formula for boating will also arrive in Italy. Thanks to a simple app it will be possible to book different types of boats: sailing, fishing, outboard, small cabin cruisers, allowing anyone to organize a day on the boat with a simple click.

From a couple of years on the market we have witnessed the emergence of numerous companies that, through an app, provide a boat sharing service of third-party boats, but now we are talking about yards that provide new boats directly for what that seems to be a new user market.

The idea started from the United States and is very successful. In Europe it is the Bénétau group that leads the way with the inauguration of the first pilot base of its Boat Club in Les Sables d’Olonne in Brittany to which 10 more locations have been added and from next year it will be opened in France, Spain and Italy , from Lake Garda to Sicily.

The clubs all have new and performing boats («after a couple of years they are replaced»), of different types and different are the possible subscription options that give access each to a specific range of boats. When you arrive at the port the boat is already equipped as required: snorkeling equipment, fishing, possibly water skiing. Booking and check out always via app.

From nautical world is unanimous the recognition of the positive effect that this new formula can have. Above all – as stated by Paolo Vitelli, patron of Azimut-Benetti – «to bring young people closer to the sea, who like to have more fun than possess, even if there will always be a band of consumers for whom the property will remain prevalent. The fact that in the nautical sector the fruition period is concentrated in a few months leads to a ” limited time consumption”, and it is no coincidence that boat charter has grown exponentially “.

Even if the larger boats are obviously excluded from this type of formula – the option is still that of the rental – the sharing of the boat is outlined as the ideal solution for those who want to sail in total freedom without thinking about maintenance, mooring fees or insurance.