On October 2, at the Ichnusa pier in Cagliari, the new Luna Rossa AC75 was launched. Historic godmother of the launch was Miuccia Prada who, to avoid the risk of not being able to break the bottle, gave such a strong blow to the bow-bows as to cause a cut on the back of her right hand.

Black carbon with two yellow wings, the new Luna Rossa is a splendid and imposing 22-meter-long, 5-meter-wide black torpedo, with a 26-meter mast, double mainsail and crazy speed: 30 knots upwind and 45 aft.

Designed by Davide Tagliapietra and Francesco Mongelli the Ac75 is a full foiling, that is a monohull able to rise on the water from half a meter to a meter thanks to real wings. In this way, Tagliapietra explained in recent days, Luna Rossa will be able to reach “a speed never seen before for a monohull, about 90 kilometers per hour”. “The Ac75 – he added – starts like a normal boat, then everything changes”.

In February, the second boat will also make its debut in the water.

The next events on the calendar are the World Series in Cagliari in April and the Prada Cup between January and February 2021 and will be the occasion for the Luna Rossa crew to better prepare for the America’s Cup to be held in Auckland in 2021.