On 29 October 2018 the beautiful area between Paraggi and Rapallo was brought to its knees by a terrible storm that destroyed the marina of the bay of Paraggi, the road between Santa Margherita and Portofino and part of the dam of the port Carlo Riva of Rapallo.

It was a real disaster for this land that lives on nautical business and tourism and unimaginable damage to moored structures and boats.

But today with great satisfaction we can say that the local authorities promises have been kept for once: infact, like every summer, boating and tourism have returned to populate this part of coast. In the Port of Santa Margherita Ligure almost all the buoys have been restored, even if the dam’s quay is not practicable yet. In Rapallo the promenade has been reopened as well as the road from Santa Margherita and Portofino where cars, motorcycles and buses pass and the Paraggi bay is already full of boats.

A happy ending for this summer beginning!